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Toroidal power transformers of power ranging from 1VA to 5kVA. Measuring current transformers TOP-N-0.66 and TSP-N-0.66. High-voltage ignition transformers and transformers for neon signs. Inductance coils (including coils for induction flow meters). Toroidal magnetic cores  from electric anisotropic steel.	Power supply transformers for low voltage halogen lamps from 20 VA to 600 VA. Matching and output transformers. Transformers and inductors for impulse and HF-devices. Audio transformers. Inductors.


Toroidal transformers Toroidal transformers


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High-voltage transformers

High-voltage transformers are electromagnetic transformers in a body of glass-nylon composite filled with polymeric compound. High-voltage transformers are designed for ignition of liquid and gas fuels in heat-producing units (heat-generators, boiler units, calcining kilns). They can also be applied for power supply of high-voltage neon lamps used in commercial signs etc.

Original transformer design ensures reliable operation during long service life, low heating and low weight of the finished product. Solid core makes it possible to decrease energy consumption due to reduction of stray currents. For the ease of assembly all terminals for electric connections are located under one plastic lid.

Transformers are distinguished by durability, good chemical and mechanical resistance. They are not corrodible, do not crack and are easy to mount and operate.

High-voltage transformer
High-voltage transformer

high-voltage transformers

► transformers for neon

Transformers PKFL 671112.648-xxxx are designed for application in areas protected from direct solar radiation and water.

Main technical characteristics

Transformers PKFL 671112.648-xxxx25/30 mA35/45 mA50/60 mA
Operating temperature, °C-40...+50
Nominal primary voltage, V~220, 50 Гц
Nominal secondary voltage, V2000300040005000600020003000400020003000
Primary winding current at nominal load, А not over0.250.360.490.60.720.350.350.660.480.72
Nominal secondary current, mA253550
Overall dimensions, mm151 x 120 x 84

Example: Transformer PKFL 671112.648-0525 – means output voltage of 5 kV, nominal operating current – 25 mA.


Luminous discharge tubes (neon tubes) are non-standard products. They can have any shape and number of bends, different length and diameter as well as electrodes by various manufacturers. Tubes are manufactured with equipment that has different parameters of vacuumizing and inert gas filling. All the above factors have an effect on electrical parameters of neon lamps. Variations can be really significant. Therefore, for accurate load calculation it is not enough to use loading tables only! Loading table data should be considered as reference only. After load connection to a transformer it is required to measure current in the secondary circuit.

Current in the secondary circuit of transformers should not be more than 5% and less than 10% than the nominal current. Mains voltage should be 220 Volt.

Nominal operating current, mАMaximal short-circuit current, mАAllowable range of current strength in transformer secondary circuit, mА
253022.5 - 26.3
354531.5 - 36.8
506045 - 52.5

For measuring secondary circuit current a multimeter with a clip-on ammeter.

Avoid underloading of transformers, incorrect load selection leads to a change of transformer operating parameters, which causes premature wear and breakdown of transformers.

Reference table for transformer load length calculation.

Gas Ar + Hg or К4 + Hg
Outside tube diameter, mm10121518
Gas pressure in a tube, mmHg121087
Transformer secondary voltage, VElectrical meters

Gas Ne
Outside tube diameter, mm10121518
Gas pressure in a tube, mmHg1312108
Transformer secondary voltage, VElectrical meters

To make calculations based on the tables it is required to translate linear length of an estimated load to electrical one. Electrical length of all tubes in a circuit shall be the total of electrical lengths of each separate tube.

Electrical length of a tube is the sum of its linear length (from ceramic ring of one electrode to ceramic ring of another electrode) + 0.3 meters (added to compensate electrode voltage drops).

high-voltage transformers

► transformers for burner ignition

Transformers for burner ignition PKFL 671112.265-03 и PKFL 671112.265-04.

Designed for ignition of liquid and gas fuel at heat-producing units (heat-generators, boiler units, calcining kilns, etc.).

Single phase, filled, closed construction.

Designed for application in areas protected from direct solar radiation and water.

Transformers for burner ignition present inductive transformers with two terminal leads and serve for fuel ignition (gas, kerosene, diesel fuel, etc.) between two electrodes or 2 igniters.

Main technical characteristics

TransformerPKFL 671112.265-03PKFL 671112.265-04
Operating temperature, °C-40...+50
Nominal primary voltage, V~220+15-10, 50-60 Гц
Nominal secondary voltage, V~7000+750~12000+200
Primary winding current at nominal load, A not over1.12.4
Nominal secondary current, mA3042
Relative load cycle, %20%
Cycle time, s180120
Continuous arcing time, min75
Overall dimensions, mm151 х 120 х 84
Weight, kg3.33.2