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Toroidal power transformers of power ranging from 1VA to 5kVA. Measuring current transformers TOP-N-0.66 and TSP-N-0.66. High-voltage ignition transformers and transformers for neon signs. Inductance coils (including coils for induction flow meters). Toroidal magnetic cores  from electric anisotropic steel.	Power supply transformers for low voltage halogen lamps from 20 VA to 600 VA. Matching and output transformers. Transformers and inductors for impulse and HF-devices. Audio transformers. Inductors.


Toroidal transformers Toroidal transformers


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Products of our company

Measuring current transformers. Production.

Measuring current transformers are designed for large-scale conversion of alternating current for the purpose of its further measurement in networks with a frequency of 50 Hz and a rated voltage of up to 0.66 kV inclusive. Transformers are used in commercial metering schemes for electrical energy (current transformers for meters of active electrical energy) for settlements with consumers, as well as in metering and protection circuits.

Production of custom current transformers

Our company is ready in a short time to manufacture measuring current transformers you need on an individual order.
You can find out the manufacturing cost from our specialists..

LLC «Yudzhen» produces:

measuring bushing transformers

transformers TPP-N-0.66 and TPP-0.66
instrument support transformers

transformers TOP-N-0,66
instrument bus transformers

transformers TShP-N-0.66
application, operation of measuring current transformers
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