Toroidal power transformers of power ranging from 1VA to 5kVA. Measuring current transformers TOP-N-0.66 and TSP-N-0.66. High-voltage ignition transformers and transformers for neon signs. Inductance coils (including coils for induction flow meters). Toroidal magnetic cores  from electric anisotropic steel.	Power supply transformers for low voltage halogen lamps from 20 VA to 600 VA. Matching and output transformers. Transformers and inductors for impulse and HF-devices. Audio transformers. Inductors.


Toroidal transformers Toroidal transformers


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3-phase power supplies. Production.

Three-phase transformer
Three-phase transformer

In three-phase transformers, it is necessary to interconnect the primary windings in phases and the secondary.

There are three connection schemes:
- star;
- triangle;
- zigzag.

When the windings are connected with a star, the linear voltage - between the beginnings of the phases - will be 1.73 times greater than the phase voltage (between the beginning and end of the phase). When the transformer windings are delta-connected, the phase and line-to-line voltages will be the same.

It is more profitable to connect the windings with a star at high voltages, and with a triangle - at significant currents. The zigzag connection of the windings makes it possible to smooth out the asymmetry of the magnetizing currents. But the disadvantage of this connection method is the increased waste of winding material..

Three-phase transformer
Three-phase transformer
Three-phase transformer