Toroidal power transformers of power ranging from 1VA to 5kVA. Measuring current transformers TOP-N-0.66 and TSP-N-0.66. High-voltage ignition transformers and transformers for neon signs. Inductance coils (including coils for induction flow meters). Toroidal magnetic cores  from electric anisotropic steel.	Power supply transformers for low voltage halogen lamps from 20 VA to 600 VA. Matching and output transformers. Transformers and inductors for impulse and HF-devices. Audio transformers. Inductors.


Toroidal transformers Toroidal transformers


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Production of our enterprise

Toroidal transformers

Toroidal transformers are built on ring magnets and are designed for use in electronic equipment, communication devices, domestic electronics equipment, and in medical equipment. Toroidal transformers have gained wide application in power sources for burglar and fire alarm systems, in step-voltage regulators, as well as for power supply of lighting fixtures including halogen lamps, and in equipment for street and landscape lighting control.

LLC "Yudzhen" serially manufactures toroidal transformers with power from 1 to 30000 VA designed for equipment and devices of industrial, special and domestic application and working with AC power supply of 50 to 400Hz. Transformers are built on twisted strap toroidal magnetic cores. Materials of thermal resistance class F according to GOST (State Standard) 8865-87 are used at transformers manufacturing. Transformers manufactured are of II class of electrical accident protection according to GOST 275700.0-87 (GOST P IEC 335-1-94). At customers request it is possible to install reusable and disposable thermal fuses. Acceptable deviations of input voltage shall be specified when placing an order. Customers requirements to dimensions, leads location, etc. are considered at design of a transformer. Our manufacturing code is PKFL () since 1.01.05. Previously we used designation ARGO.

Development and supply of analogues TPP, OSM, OSR.

Toroidal transformer
Toroidal transformer
Toroidal transformers
Toroidal transformers
Toroidal transformer
Toroidal transformer

Certificate of conformity Certificate of conformity
Transformers and autotransformers toroidal type PKFL
BY 300220471.005-2014
Declaration of Conformity Declaration of Conformity
High voltage transformers
TY BY 300220471.006-2019

advantages of toroidal transformers

P, VAIdling current, mAOverheat t, CTransformer size, finished product, mmVoltage drop on load, %
1 5 2.513.522/55-2216.6
2 10 323,424/57-2519
3 15 33322/58-2719
4 20 43825/66-2519
5 25 3.83924/67-2916.7
6 30 6.33825/66-3414.7
7 40 7.43933/77-3313.8
8 50 8.24027/78-3511.5
9 60 8.43830/83-3610
1080 8.54027/89-398.7

The enterprise manufactures toroidal transformers for other input and output voltages, with the number of secondary windings up to 10, operating at frequencies of 50 400 Hz.

Transformers may be complete with terminal blocks and clamps.

Sound transformer as part of the amplifier
Sound transformer as part of the amplifier

Final price for a transformer is set after receiving technical design assignment.

Dear Sirs, for the purpose of prompt and qualitative designing and manufacturing of transformers for you we require the following data.